Week in the Life

Thursday & Friday {words & photos}


My morning started off with some diet Coke.  It was an early one today.

Oh laundry, I am so behind!

Coming back home after my first class, had to wait for 3 trains. ugh.

This one. Oh my, he shouted “I’m hiding in the seatbelts!”

Every good music teacher needs some spiderman matching and a good page of stickers.  No other way to succeed in my business!

My view every workday!

The start of a great Friday!  I am starting to love early morning dog walks… who would have believed it!

He loves playing in his crib with all his animals.

He had to push the cart all around Walmart, the thing I didn’t capture was him  walking around with his arms shoved down into his overalls because he was cold.  I laughed and totally remember doing the same when I was young!

 Max has just started learning to do “faces”.  It is so hard to predict when he will actually do one for you, so I tried and was rewarded with these!  The color was so bad, and they were really poorly lit, so I tried editing them with this fun filter and I am so in love with this little series!  They turned out so cute!


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