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OLW – Update

I’ll admit, I started the year with very lofty ideas for my One Little Word and the album and how great this word would be for me and for my family.  I was very excited about how simplify would fit into my life and I had some early successes getting my family on board and  getting into the swing of the prompts, I made my word visible, I thought through what I wanted, and even started my practice in February.

Then we bought a puppy.

An 8 week old puppy.

The opposite of simple. (but cute!)

I got derailed on my February practice, tried to follow through on March’s prompt, but my collage didn’t really turn out the way I was envisioning and I got a little discouraged and busy and let the whole thing slide away.

Once my year end recitals were done, we had a holiday coming up in a week and a half and we made the decision to send Max off to family for the weekend and KonMari our house.

WOW!  Is all I can say.

Our life is dramatically different in the two weeks since we took the plunge and went through our house with a different lens.


We removed a lot of clutter and a lot of extra stuff from our life.  It was freeing to let go of stuff that wasn’t originally intended for this house and stuff that wasn’t quite right anymore.  As funny as it seemed, talking through each item and evaluating what we want from our life was SO helpful as we went through our stuff.


Now all of Max’s toys are contained to this corner of the family room and the train table.  He has hardly even noticed that stuff is missing.


I love how our house has space to breathe in now.  It’s funny how you can get bogged down in the small things, and moving things from place to place and have no time or energy left to deal with the things you really want to do.  Now that there is space I’m feeling energized and inspired, and its a lot easier to think about projects and decorating ideas now that there is space to do them!


I love our bookshelves now!  I had some large black ones that really only looked good in our  first house.  They never really fit into our last house and I had already moved them twice in this house and never seemed to land on the perfect look.  I had this white IKEA Billy bookshelf in the same room, and I took these two skinny ones up from the living room and now I have some (slightly) styled bookshelves.  I will go through these again in a couple weeks and fine tune them a bit, but its a good start.  I might move them over a bit and center them on the wall.  I also love how I can go to IKEA tomorrow to buy another one if needed.


Max’s room had the least changed because I go through his things on a more regular basis.  I had just cleared out his winter things and made sure all his clothes fit, so this room worked out pretty easily.  What we ended up realizing with the KonMari method is that he had a whole bed full of stuffed animals and he really only ever played with 3-5 of them.  So we ended up with a whole bag of stuffed animals to donate.


My closet is what makes me the happiest though.  I finally got rid of our large unmatching laundry baskets that were sitting out in the room, often overflowing.  Now we both have more than enough closet room to have our own baskets in the closet and have pared down enough that we had to donate 3 bags of hangars.  It is so funny how I used to approach the problem; buy more hangars because I don’t have enough room for my clothes.  I am loving my closet now, I kept a little more denim than Chris would have preferred, but that’s ok!

I love how this closet totally reflects my current style, black and white with pink, yellow and blue thrown in!  Perfect.

I was initially convinced that I would still store my winter clothes.  I live in a winter city (-40, I don’t want to think about that right now!) and the difference in temperature is extreme, so I thought I would still have a bucket downstairs to store, but that ended up not being the case, all my clothes fit in the closet and the dresser that I have.

I sadly did break my dresser the same night vacuuming around it, so I think I’ll be on the look out in the fall for something new, maybe something that I can buy 2 matching ones and start to make our bedroom look like grown-ups live there……

I will check back in with you in a few months and let you know how we manage to sustain our simple lifestyle, but I have to admit, I’m totally convinced that this is the way I want to continue living and I’m looking forward to living with less stuff than I have in the past!



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