One Little Word

One Little Word – Update

I set aside some time yesterday to work on my One Little Word album which is quickly turning into one of my favorite projects this year. Maybe I would feel differently if I wasn’t connecting so well with my word, but I am feeling like it was the best possible choice for this year for me.

July’s prompt was about using your supplies to tell yourself what you needed to hear. Some encouraging words. I’m no mixed media genius so I went fairly traditional paper rafting on this one, but it gave me a chance to get more frilly and layer more than I usually would with a photo involved (even though I did end up including some photos in the end.


I am also really enjoying my hand lettering progress lately.  It has been so satisfying to work on it and see the improvement.  As with anything you do, it is easy to only I see the imperfections and the little spots that didn’t go right, but even compared to my lettering two months ago I see some great improvements and am loving the results I’m getting lately.


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