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From Where I Stand

Today I am bringing you a project that turned out better than I ever could have hoped.  You know how you start something hoping it turns out one way, this one went a totally different way and I couldn’t be happier about the result!


This Project Life spread was initially going to be two separate sides (which I suddenly no longer have an issue with, isn’t it funny you worry so much about matching and its so hard to pull off, and then once you finally let that idea go, you can do it no problem!  I’m sure there is a life lesson in there somewhere.) but it turned out to work really well across the page!  Bonus.

Isn’t it funny how seasons start to show?  The nights are starting to cool here, and this ended up being a very fall looking page!


I started with this mini-flair from Feed Your Craft and the whole thing spread out from there.  I know.  I’m a bit crazy. I often take #fromwhereistand photos as I’m going about my day, so it wasn’t hard to find a few photos that were all fairly recent to go along with this adorable little piece of flair.  I’m even wearing a flannel shirt in the top right! (it didn’t last all day though, only because I had to walk home from the library in the rain, but that’s another story).


I’ve been trying to be a bit more intentional about stamping on my projects, and this YES stamp from Ali Edwards worked really well on the tag!  The theme here of my journalling is actually how I can get a bit stir crazy in the summer while I’m not working.  I know my sister thinks that she’s the only one (this is a test to see if you actually read the whole thing Wendy, haha!) but I am a better wife, better mom, and happier person when I can get out of the house a bit and go to work.  But, we’ve been working on finding some ways to make it work this summer, and despite a few scheduling challenges and tears along the way it has been an awesome summer so far.


Yes, this.


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